Hyndburn 2020 Update: Ceremony Postponed To September

Ceremony (now September 15th)

Last week I was advised by Hyndburn Leisure that the Town Hall was to be closed until the end of June, as a result of the Coronavirus situation. I was asked to postpone the 2020 ceremony to later in the year, and advised that the best bet was September. So, I must regretfully inform you all that the 2020 ceremony will now be held on the evening of Tuesday September 15th. Although this is disappointing news, it does give us all the opportunity to have our business community return to normal (hopefully well before then).

On reflection, and after discussion last week with the organising team, putting the ceremony back three months gives us the opportunity to ease the burden of impending deadlines for nominations and entries.

Nominations (remaining open for the time being)

These have continued to flow in. We currently stand at 430 nominations for 135 business, individuals and associations. This is down on last year’s record numbers (although higher than both 2016 and 2017). Nominations were due to close at 9.00am today, but as we are postponing the ceremony for three months, we’ll leave them open for the time being. It will give us news to share with you, and you the opportunity to celebrate any new nominees we get.

Entries (deadline now midnight July 21st)

The deadline for entries was next Tuesday (April 21st) and we have received a few already. However, we do know that many of you are at home, and your businesses are closed for the time being. If it were me, entering a business awards competition would be the last thing on my mind at the moment. If I was thinking of entering, I would be concerned about filling in sections asking me about my future plans when I just want to make sure I still have a business when this subsides. So, we’re going to move the entry deadline to midnight on Tuesday July 21st. Hopefully things will have returned to a more normal footing by then. We will be getting in touch with all the nominees separately to help them progress their entries. If you have already sent your entry in, I will take a look at it this week and give you feedback – there will be plenty of time then to improve it should you wish.

Finalists (now to be announced on August 11th)

Having extended the entry deadline, this will move the judging process back to August. We expect to be announcing finalists on Tuesday August 11th, rather than May 12th.

Website and Social Media

I will be updating the website and social media this week to reflect these changes. We’ll also be sending a press story out very soon.

In closing, I apologise to you all that we’re not able to complete Hyndburn Business Awards in June as originally planned. I hope that delaying completion for three months will give us the celebration event that we all so desperately need at the moment. In the meantime, I am here for any questions or queries you have (although I’m not furloughed, I will be scaling back my days, so responses may not be immediate).

Stay safe, please!

Rob Carder Coordinator Hyndburn Business Awards

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