Enterprising Woman Nominees

As at 9.00am on Tuesday April 16th when nominations closed, the nominees for the Enterprising Woman Award at Hyndburn Business Awards 2019 are:

Andrea Murray (Cafe Ri-An)

Lucy Hamlin (Spring Into Action CIC)

Danielle Smith (Just Imagine NW)

Jane Caunce (Ellison Printing)

Claire Murphy (Halo Vertical Fitness)

Katie Readman (KTZ Dance)

Jenna Kenyon (Curves In Trend)

Dawn Roberts (Unique Ladies Hyndburn)

Kelly Harrison (Little Tinkers)

Amelia King (Amelia’s Boutique)

Kelly Fitzharris (Lavish Locks)

Kelly Groves (Sundown Solutions)

Donna Greenwood (Boutique 23)

Jade Biggins (Sugarplums)

Emma Astley (Cover My Bubble)

Abbie Lindsay (The A Team Dance and Fitness)

Emma Riley (The Wellness Centre)

Alice Blokland (Wonderland School of Dance)

Melanie Fishwick (Sweet Treat Designs)

Claire Ratcliffe-Watson (The Beauty Emporium)

Leanne Cawtherley (The Sweetest Thing Cakery)

Lianna Champ (Champ Funerals)

Kara Raynor (Lancashire Women)

Samina Mahmood

Maira Butt (Lancashire Women)

Olivia Booth (The Illusion)

Emma Kearney (The Black Dog)

Joanne McGloine (Heartfelt and Cherished Photography)

Angela Griffin (Angela Kays Beauty Salon)

Emma McKenna (McKenna Motors)

Michelle Thornton (Michelle’s Munch Bunch)

Sharonrose Allison-Howard (Sweet Reminiscing)

Ellie Fishwick (Sweet Treat Designs)

Rachel Barber (Little Voices)

Victoria Cocken (Great and Small)

Laura Bradshaw (Bright Beginnings)

Jodie Sargeson (Playtime Oswaldtwistle)

Kirsty Ashby (Little Sparks)

Julie Moss (Wags n Walkies)

Ashleigh Heaton (Ashleigh Lauren MUA)

Scarlett Feathers (Scarlett Feathers MUA)

Hayley Johnson (Enhanced Beauty)

Sharon Burch (Y Not Aspire)

Janine Fleming (Originals Hair Salon)

Joanne Prestage

Sara Britcliffe

Shabeena Saleem (The Magical Kingdom)

Shabena Islam (Glamhairous)

Samantha Smithson (Per Ardua Therapy)

Emma Jones (Emma Jones Hair Studio)

Chelsea Flood (Mirage Hairdressing)

Marisa Bannan

Zoe Booth (Rumbletums)

Amanda Larder (House of Beauty)

Racheal Hall (Eye/Brow Envy Eye/Brow Education)

Jenny Dewhurst (Avenue 21)

Emma Woan, Tracy Gardiner, Linda Taylor (EBP NW)

Mrs Julie Berry (Clayton le Moors Library and Community Centre)

Lee Douglas (The Bridal Lounge of Accrington)

Carole Haythornethwaite

Tessa Clemson (Tessa Clemson Yoga)

All the businesses these people run are automatically nominated for the Beacon Award.

A nomination in italics means that we have received an entry form from them.

Pride of Hyndburn Nominees

As at 9.00am on Tuesday April 16th when nominations closed, the nominees for the Pride of Hyndburn Award at Hyndburn Business Awards 2019 are:

Leanne Wick

Jon Haworth

Susan Flynn


Accrington Royal British Legion

Hyndburn & Blackburn Angling Association

Accrington Lions

The Hyndburn Helpers

Judith Addison

Globe BPFC

Sara Britcliffe

Oswaldtwistle Carnival

Dom Allen

Carole Haythornethwaite

Julie Berry

A nomination in italics means we have received an entry form from them.

Customer Friendly Business Nominees

As at 9.00am on Tuesday April 16th when nominations closed, these are the nominees for the Customer Friendly Business Award at Hyndburn Business Awards 2019:

Cafe Ri-An (Accrington)

Moonlight Beauty Salon (Rishton)

Lavish Locks (Accrington)

The Plough (Oswaldtwistle)

AccyVacs (Accrington)

Rhoden Manor Cattery (Oswaldtwistle)

Just Imagine NW (Accrington)

Wyvern Pharmacy (Accrington)

UK Online Agents (Oswaldtwistle)

Ellison Printing (Rishton)

KTZ Dance (Rishton)

A Cake Occasion (Accrington)

Signs Plus NW (Clayton le Moors)

8.3.1 Coffee (Accrington)

Pure Perfection Beauty (Accrington)

Sweet Treat Designs (Accrington)

West End Fish and Chips (Oswaldtwistle)

Cover My Bubble (Oswaldtwistle)

Curves In Trend (Accrington)

Amelia’s Boutique (Accrington)

Flower Power at the Paddock (Oswaldtwistle)

The A Team Dance and Fitness (Baxenden)

Polished Perfection (Accrington)

Sugarplums (Oswaldtwistle)

Bright Beginnings (Accrington)

Accrington Aerials (Accrington)

MPC Mobile (Oswaldtwistle)

Little Munchkins Childminders (Oswaldtwistle)

The Gallery Kitchen (Accrington)

Best Destinations (Accrington)

Platt Social Club (Accrington)

The Balti House (Rishton)

Lilly’s Dog Grooming (Accrington)

Botany Florists (Baxenden)

Accrington Craft Boutique

Little Voices Hyndburn (Altham)

Kraken Corals (Clayton le Moors)

Cafe Brunch (Accrington)

Jimmy’s Garage (Church)

The Arden Inn (Accrington)

The Sweetest Thing Cakery (Oswaldtwistle)

Samantha’s Clubhouse (Accrington)

Fell and Mountain (Accrington)

Peel Electrical & Security Services (Altham)

Heathland Private School and Nursery (Accrington)

Heartfelt and Cherished Photography (Oswaldtwistle)

The Crown Inn (Accrington)

The Illusion (Accrington)

McKenna Mentors (Accrington)

J2A (Accrington)

Early Start Nursery (Oswaldtwistle)

Mirage Hairdressing (Accrington)

My Colourful Memories CIC (Accrington)

Wags n Walkies (Oswaldtwistle)

Michelle’s Munch Bunch (Accrington)

Sweet Reminiscing with Sharonrose (Accrington)

The Bridal Lounge of Accrington

Accrington Doggy Day Care

Playtime Oswaldtwistle

Angelique Nails and Beauty (Accrington)

Abbey Street Shopping Centre (Accrington)

Ashleigh Lauren MUA (Church)

Melissa Berry MUA (Accrington)

Beth Honey Hair (Accrington)

Clubbercise Hyndburn (Accrington)

Doggy Bray Care (Accrington)

Hydro At The Barn (Great Harwood)

Identity Hair Studio (Accrington)

Glamhairous (Great Harwood)

The Magical Kingdom (Accrington)

Baxenden Clinic

Emma Louise Cheerleading (Accrington)

Martins Bakery (Oswaldtwistle)

Le Petit Bistro (Oswaldtwistle)

Emma Jones Hair Studio (Oswaldtwistle)

Grants Bar (Accrington)

Enhanced Beauty (Oswaldtwistle)

Cafe 33 (Accrington)

Cinderella (Oswaldtwistle)

Townfield & Coach House (Great Harwood)

Plus2Hairdressing (Accrington)

Bevlan Office Interiors (Rishton)

Tainted Oak (Accrington)

Sanderson’s Butchers (Baxenden)

Hyndburn Leisure

The Performance Academy (Accrington)

Sparth House Hotel (Clayton le Moors)

Whittaker’s Butchers (Oswaldtwistle)

All of these businesses are also automatically nominated for the Beacon Award.

A nomination in italics means that we have received their entry form.

Beacon Award Nominees

As at 9.00am on Tuesday April 16th when nominations closed, these businesses have been nominated for the 2019 Hyndburn Business Awards Beacon Award:

Accrington Stanley Football Club

Halo Vertical Fitness (Accrington)

Specialist Training & Consultancy (Altham)

Spring Into Action CIC (Accrington)

Black Dog (Oswaldtwistle)

National Autistic Society (Great Harwood)

Carers Link Lancashire (Accrington)

Maundy Relief (Accrington)

Hoyle Bottom Spirits (Oswaldtwistle)

Total Pipeline Systems (Clayton le Moors)

Unique Ladies Hyndburn (Oswaldtwistle)

Little Tinkers Day Nursery (Accrington)

Sundown Solutions (Altham)

Boutique 23 (Accrington)

Keypsakes Handmade

Accrington Stanley Community Trust

Key2Support (Oswaldtwistle)

The Wellness Centre (Accrington)

Wonderland School of Dance (Baxenden)

The Beauty Emporium (Accrington)

Champ Funeral Services (Clayton le Moors)

Lancashire Women (Accrington)

Angela Kays Beauty Salon (Accrington)

McKenna Motors (Accrington)

R Stinson Building Contractors (Clayton le Moors)

The Fuzzy Duck Food Company (Clayton le Moors)

Little Sparks Nursery (Clayton le Moors)

Scarlett Feathers MUA (Accrington)

Y Not Aspire (Accrington)

Originals Hair Salon (Oswaldtwistle)

Bella Rose Wardrobe (Accrington)

Joanne Prestage Childminder (Accrington)

North Lancs Training Group (Accrington)

Kipax Action Photography (Accrington)

Black Horse Food Emporium (Accrington)

Only Foals and Horses Sanctuary (Oswaldtwistle)

Per Ardua Therapy (Accrington)

Rumbletums (Clayton le Moors)

Civic Arts Centre and Theatre (Oswaldtwistle)

House of Beauty (Oswaldtwistle)

Eye/Brow Envy Eye/Brow Education (Clayton le Moors)

Avenue 31 (Accrington)

Ye Olde Sausage Shop (Oswaldtwistle)

Direct-ED Printing Services (Accrington)

Oscar Bears Day Nursery (Accrington)

Community Solutions NW (Accrington)

Admagnetics (Huncoat)

CM Oxendale (Great Harwood)

Emerson & Renwick (Church)

Loft Boarding NW (Clayton le Moors)

Rosslee Construction (Accrington)

Springhill Care (Accrington)

System Hygiene (Altham)

Haworths Chartered Accountants (Accrington)

The Cardboard Box Company (Clayton le Moors)

Education Business Partnership NW (Oswaldtwistle)

Advocacy Focus (Accrington)

Studio (Church)

Media Village (Altham)

Red-Fern Media Ltd (Altham)

Sales Geek (Altham)

Garlands Florist (Oswaldtwistle)

Williamson Arb Care (Rishton)

Mums, Bums & Tums (Oswaldtwistle)

Tessa Clemson Yoga (Great Harwood)

Friends of Rhyddings Park (Oswaldtwistle)

CMAC Group (Accrington)

Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum

First Tunnels (Altham)

A nomination in italics means that an entry form has been received.

Pure Perfection

Photograph by Catherine Smyth

A CHANCE walk down Warner Street in Accrington led beautician Carla Chatburn to make a decision to ‘follow her dream’. That was nearly 15 years ago and now Carla is Managing Director of three salons under the Pure Perfection umbrella – in Accrington, Barrowford and Clitheroe. She said: “I was 21 and I had just lost my Aunt Joan to breast cancer. Her dying words were, ‘You only live once, follow your dreams.’”

Last year, after being a finalist twice at Hyndburn Business Awards, Carla was shocked when her Accrington salon walked away with the MicroBusiness title against strong competition. This year she is giving back because Pure Perfection (Accrington) Ltd is sponsoring the first ever Health and Beauty Business Award. She employs 12 therapists across the three salons and three are apprentices.

Carla said: “I am a people pleaser and started work in a hair salon at 16 as a Saturday girl. I did an apprenticeship so know how important they are and so I am pleased to be able to offer that opportunity to others starting out. I love making people feel good about themselves, especially because I was bullied in my younger years so I know how important that is. When I first opened the salon I worked 12 hours a day for seven days a week. It was hard work and I remember on one day I only had one client.”

Her determination to succeed gave her strength and she built up a strong team in the salons who share her passion and ethos. Carla said: “After I won, I was approached about sponsoring an award. At first, I said no because I am not confident. Then I thought about how the health and beauty business is one of the largest growing industries and I realised that it deserves its own category. I am so excited about reading the entries because I find it inspiring to see how people do things differently.”

Pure Perfection has embraced all forms of social media and uses them to post demonstration and treatment videos, staff blogs, offers and reviews. Carla said: “We use the tagline #enhance natural beauty and at first I didn’t know how it would be accepted, but I always want to be honest and transparent with my clients. “I aim to help clients achieve a natural beauty and a sense of wellbeing.”

She now goes into schools to talk to students considering a career in the industry.

Nominations for the 2019 Hyndburn Business Awards are open until April 16 and the awards ceremony will be at Accrington Town Hall on Tuesday June 18.

Story by Catherine Smyth Media

Rhoden Manor Cattery

Photograph by Catherine Smyth

A CATTERY that last year won the Customer Friendly title at Hyndburn Business Awards is so popular it has feline friends booked in to stay in 2021. Rhoden Manor Cattery was purpose built on land at Higher Rhoden, Oswaldtwistle. A joiner by trade, Craig Dodding designed and built the complex, on an area previously used for stables.

He said: “I got planning permission before we bought the property, built the cattery in 2016 and started trading on June 1. The building is very well insulated and each chalet has under-floor heating, so unlike a cattery that uses radiators all the chalets enjoy the same temperature. The heating is also green being provided by an air source heat pump and we have just invested in a new vehicle that is a plug-in hybrid so because most of our journeys are local they don’t require fuel.”

He was surprised but delighted to find out that satisfied customers had nominated his business. Craig said: “It was really exciting to be at the awards, my son Josh who is 16 and my wife Claire accompanied me. It was great to see so many businesses doing well and it is fantastic for Hyndburn. It makes you proud of the little businesses that put Hyndburn on the map. I didn’t expect to win especially because of who I was up against, but when they started reading the citation I knew it was me. The award and certificate are now in pride of place in the cattery and we mention it on our website.”

Rhoden Manor is classified as a five star cattery licensed for a maximum of 66 cats, with two penthouse chalets that can accommodate up to five cats each. Each chalet has a cat flap leading to a personal outdoor space with an artificial grass ‘catio’. Music is played in the two suites housing the chalets and the cats are very chilled. Videos of the cats ‘on holiday’ are recorded and posted on Facebook or sent to owners, so wherever in the world the owner is they can have peace of mind knowing their beloved pets are content. The business is set in a stunning rural location with deer, a heron, a kingfisher and up to 20 ducks as neighbours.

Craig said: “We are a family business and we live on site. We provide a customer friendly service and it has to be spot on. New customers are welcome to tour the facilities when we are open and we have cat customers who travel from as far away as Liverpool. We provide a safe and secure home-from-home.”

Nominations will open from March 12 to April 16 and the presentation ceremony will be on Tuesday June 18.

Story by Catherine Smyth Media

HAwards 2019: 18 Categories Confirmed

Photograph by Liz Henson Photography

EIGHTEEN trophies will be up for grabs in the fourth Hyndburn Business Awards with several new categories to be contested. The awards have been an incredible success since they were launched in 2016 when more than 200 people packed Accrington Town Hall’s ballroom for the ceremony.

Rob Carder, from organisers Enterprising People, said: “In the first year we were delighted to receive more than 200 nominations for 120 different local businesses; last year that soared to 639 nominations for more than 200 businesses. That shows how valued the local businesses of Hyndburn are and I am sure this year will attract even more entries.”

Five new sponsors have come forward and two new awards will be presented for the first time – Health & Beauty and Enterprising Woman.

After being named as a finalist in the B2B category last year, Nicola Dugdale, managing director of Specialist Training & Consultancy Ltd in Altham was delighted when the opportunity came up to sponsor an award. She said: “We have been working hard to raise our profile. We had seen how successful the event has become and were pleased to be named as a finalist in the B2B category. A lot of our customers are large businesses, including last year’s Beacon winner Emerson and Renwick Ltd, and this is our chance to give a little bit back to our customers in the local area. The opportunity to sponsor the large business category means that we will get the chance to read how these businesses have become so successful and have grown and we will be inspired by their good practice.”

Specialist Training & Consultancy Ltd will be 20 years old in September and was initially based at The Globe Centre, moving to premises on Altham Industrial Estate in 2003. Nicola explained: “We are a small business and have eight employees and provide regulation based training, including transport, warehousing and dangerous goods. We have classroom based training on site also can also train in the workplace.”

Another new sponsor is The Balti House in Rishton, which won both the Customer Friendly and the Food Business trophies. This year the company is sponsoring the Not for Profit Award which was won last year by Advocacy Focus. Simple Accounting NW Ltd is also a new sponsor for the popular MicroBusiness category won last year by Pure Perfection (Accrington) Ltd.

Nominations will open from March 12 to April 16 and the presentation ceremony will be on Tuesday June 18.

Story by Catherine Smyth Media

HAwards 2018 Winners

Beacon Award

Winner: Emerson & Renwick

Customer Friendly Business – sponsored by The Cardboard Box Company

Winner: Rhoden Manor Cattery

Large Business – sponsored by Haworths, Chartered Accountants

Winner: CMAC Group

Small Business – sponsored by North Lancs Training Group

Winner: Sundown Solutions Ltd

New Business – sponsored by CMAC Group

Winner: Best Destinations

Highly Commended: Amelia’s Boutique

Made in Hyndburn – sponsored by Sundown Solutions Ltd

Winner: Direct-ED Printing Services

Pride of Hyndburn – sponsored by Acorns of Lancashire

Winner: Accrington Lions Club

Highly Commended: Ossy Joggers

Apprenticeship – sponsored by Accrington & Rossendale College

Winner: Advocacy Focus

Highly Commended: Moonlight Beauty Salon

Not for Profit – sponsored by Enterprising People

Winner: Accrington Stanley Community Trust

Independent Retailer – sponsored by Northwest Logistics

Winner: Wyvern Pharmacy

Highly Commended: The Bridal Lounge of Accrington

Evonne Harwood Event of the Year – presented by Accrington Observer

Winner: J Drinkwater Tournament 2017

Tourism Business – sponsored by Oswaldtwistle Mills Business & Conference Centre

Winner: Haworth Art Gallery

MicroBusiness – sponsored by Business & Enterprise Trust

Winner: Pure Perfection (Accrington) Ltd

Sole Trader – sponsored by Liz Pollard Consultancy

Winner: Amelia’s Boutique

Creative Business – sponsored by Globe Enterprises

Winner: My Colourful Memories CIC

Food Business – sponsored by Woodcocks Haworth & Nuttall

Winner: Perfect Plaice

B2B Business – sponsored by lovelocalnetworking

Winner: CM Oxendale Ltd

Hyndburn Business Awards 2018: The Finalists

Balti House Rishton

Balti House Rishton; Hyndburn Business Awards

RECIPES handed down through the generations and first class customer service led to The Balti House in Rishton scooping two Hyndburn Business Awards in 2017. It was customers that nominated the restaurant and takeaway on High Street, but as well as collecting the Customer Friendly award they also picked up the Food title.

Brothers Mahmoon, Hussain, Mahfooz and Haroon Rashid opened the business in 2001 after they renovated the property from the cellar to the roof. Hussain, who cooks as well as being head of operations, said: “It was a great achievement for the whole team to win the awards. Being nominated by our customers has made us strive to achieve even more. It has also bonded us with our customers because of the support they have shown us.”

It was in the 1930s that the brothers’ great-grandfather Raja Mirza Khan used to run a small roadside café in Nakodar in Pakistan where he would serve a few curries. Recipes from those early days have been preserved and are still served to customers today using traditional fresh ingredients and fresh high quality meat. In the 1960s their father Raja Mohammed came to England and initially he was based in London and Surrey and worked in factories.
In 1977 he came to Blackburn and began selling wholesale fruit and vegetables and in 1985 he had a warehouse at New Smithfield Market in Manchester where he imported Asian food and distributed across the North West.

Hussain said: “Our family has always been involved in the food industry and our mother Zahida is a great cook and she has passed on her knowledge, her recipes and her curry mixes.”

Since the awards, the business has introduced two buffet evenings on a Sunday and a Monday.

Hussain said: “I would like to thank the Enterprising People team for introducing the business awards to Hyndburn. It is an extremely well organised competition and an excellent way to acknowledge all the different businesses that are in this area. We are also delighted that our customers have again nominated our business for the 2018 awards.
We put our success down to the grace of God, our parents’ praise, the hard work of our team and only cooking the best meals for our customers so they enjoy each and every morsel. We are proud to call Rishton our home.”

Story by Catherine Smyth

Photo by Liz Henson Photography