Hyndburn Business Awards

Enterprising People is very proud to organise Hyndburn Business Awards. We do it on a not for profit basis, with a lot of help and support from the local business community. Hyndburn Business Awards is a showcase for the achievements, quality and diversity of the local businesses and enterprising people who make Hyndburn such a great place to live, work and visit.

Hyndburn Business Awards 2021

Nominations have now closed for Hyndburn Business Awards 2021. We received a grand total of 589 nominations for 139 businesses, 53 enterprising people and 11 for Pride of Hyndburn. You can find a full list of nominees on our news page. You can find the list of this year’s finalists by clicking here.

It’s been a difficult, challenging year for everyone in our business community. Here we are in another lockdown, with the prospect of restrictions continuing until at least Easter. The vaccine roll-out is progressing well, which is good news, and we hope that by the time June comes around there will be the potential for mass gatherings such as the Hyndburn Business Awards ceremony.

In the meantime, we have been delivering business awards competitions elsewhere with a virtual ceremony, and we have learned how to make these work and work well. It’s not the same as us gathering together physically to celebrate the achievements of our business community, but even a nomination has been a shot in the arm of every business that has got one. The stories of resilience, determination and adaptability coming out of these other awards have been inspiring, and we all need some inspiration at the moment, don’t we?

 We have booked Accrington Town Hall for the ceremony, and we hope that it will take place as planned – we have pencilled in a couple of back-up dates in July just in case. If not, we will stick to our timelines and go virtual again, only much bigger and better than 2020 – with trophies, certificates and photos as well as a filmed ceremony.

We will be changing the focus of the entry form as well, away from improved performance year on year (which would be difficult if not impossible for many of us) and towards how the challenges of operating your business over the past year have been coped with and overcome.

Hyndburn Business Awards 2020

Like much of our business community, Hyndburn Business Awards felt the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, as the local restrictions extended and strengthened there was no prospect of a celebratory gathering so on Tuesday November 17th there was a virtual Hyndburn Business Awards ceremony on Facebook Live.

You can find the ceremony report and a full list of winners here.

We received over 500 nominations for more than 100 businesses. You can find the full list of nominees by clicking here.

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time and trouble to enter. The judging panel has pored over some incredibly good entries, with stories of hope, creativity and success in the face of these unprecedented events.

You can find the list of 2020 finalists here.

Hyndburn Business Awards 2019

Hyndburn Business Awards 2019 culminated in June. 290 people filled the Ballroom at Accrington Town Hall to celebrate the achievements of this year’s  finalists. Our congratulations to Accrington Stanley Football Club and Accrington Stanley Community Trusts, who were joint winners of the Beacon Award this year. We received a record breaking 704 nominations for 234 different businesses, people and associations. To find out who was nominated, go to our news pages.

The finalists for HAwards19 can be found here.

The winners for HAwards19 can be found here.

Hyndburn Business Awards 2018

We thought the response in 2017 was great, but 2018 trumped it big style! We received 639 nominations, the highest figure ever. 164 businesses were nominated. 14 local people, clubs and societies were nominated for Pride of Hyndburn. The winners were announced to a packed audience of 270 at the ceremony on the evening of Tuesday June 19th at Accrington Town Hall.

Click here to see who won what.

Click here to see who has been nominated.

Click here to see the finalists.

Hyndburn Business Awards 2017

A huge vote of thanks to all our sponsors, but most especially thank you to everyone that took the time and trouble to nominate in record numbers for the Awards in 2017. We received a bumper crop of high quality entries, which made the job of the judging panel extremely challenging. You can find the list of HAwards17 finalists here. The winners were announced at the ceremony, which was held in the ballroom at Accrington Town Hall on the evening of June 13th 2017. It was a full house again, and was a magnificent celebration of local business and enterprise. The full list of winners, along with photographs from the ceremony, can be found here.

2017 Ceremony Video

Video produced by Shooters Media

Hyndburn Business Awards 2016

The ceremony took place on June 14th 2016 in the magnificent ballroom at Accrington Town Hall. The official results can be found here, along with photographs from the ceremony.

Trophy Design & Make Competition

We’ll be running the Trophy Design and Make competition with local schools again in 2018. For an insight into how local schools got involved to design and make the trophies used at the 2016 Hyndburn Business Awards, see this article.

HAwards 2021

Nominations for Hyndburn Business Awards 2021 have now closed. Thank you to everyone who nominated someone.

HAwards 2021

To see the 2021 finalists, visit our news page..

HAwards 2021

The Hyndburn Business Awards 2021 ceremony will be held on the evening of Tuesday June 22nd 2021.